Photo Gallery

This gallery is a collection of pictures that we've taken at club events along the way. This is a work-in-progress... we'll be continually adding pictures as our club grows. Check back often.

We invite you to browse the pictures in the gallery. They should give you a better feel for the ground we've covered and the fun we've had. For those of you who participated in these events, they will jog your memories! Enjoy!

Club Logo

This gallery contains photos of many cars that have displayed our logo over the years, as well as their drivers and owners.

The history of our logo on race tracks spans from our first race - we won the pole and the race - in April 2007 to the present day. And there's no sign of slowing down!

Begin by clicking on the picture of our logo. Click on the next higher number (or the Next link) to advance through the pictures. Many pictures have a description below them which include a link to a Club Newsletter. The Newsletter has a story giving a recap of the event where our logo ran.

Tenth Anniversary Celebration

At the October 2016 meeting, our club celebrated its tenth anniversary.

The room was decorated in a festive mood, cake and punch were served, and there were special presentations commemorating this significant accomplishment.

Ten charter members were recognized for their service and dedication.

Rockford Speedway 2015

During a visit to Illinois, club Hall of Famer (Class of 2009) Jim “The Ringmaster” Hedlund was able to spend some quality time with his grandson at Rockford (Ill.) Speedway.

2015 Camp Villages R/C Car Racing

On July 9, 2015 Club members held the annual Camp Villages Radio Controlled Car Racing event.

Gary Civiletti showed the way as event coordinator and Gerry Hafer served as track announcer. Many members helped to make the event an enjoyable one for all the Camp Villagers who participated.

Ron Pearce took may more pictures of the event. Click Here to view his album.

2015 Club Cookout

Prior to the start of our regular July club meeting, members gathered at the Colony Cottage Rec Center Pavilion to enjoy some great food off the grill.

Following the cookout, racers Mike (dad) and Kenny (son) Brewer, along with crew chief Cheryl (wife & mom), explained the dynamics of driving two mini-sprint cars they brought for members to examine up close.