Photo Gallery

This gallery is a collection of pictures that we've taken at club events along the way. This is a work-in-progress... we'll be continually adding pictures as our club grows. Check back often.

We invite you to browse the pictures in the gallery. They should give you a better feel for the ground we've covered and the fun we've had. For those of you who participated in these events, they will jog your memories! Enjoy!

National Parts Depot

On Jan. 17, 2013 Club members had the opportunity to visit National Parts Depot in Ocala, and view the incredible private collection of vehicles displayed there. This collection is not open to the public, so it was a fantastic opportunity to see a truly awesome collection.

In addition to the photos in this album, we're sure you will enjoy the photos taken by Club member Ron Pearce. Click Here to visit Ron's gallery of pictures and enjoy.

2012 Hall of Fame Induction and Awards Night

The sixth annual Hall of Fame induction ceremony was held on January 6, 2013 at Colony Cottage Recreation Center. Hall of Fame member, Wayne Anderson, introduced the night's keynote speaker, south Florida stock car racing legend Bobby Brack.

2012 Christmas Parade

Club members brought their carts and R/C cars to The Villages Polo Fields for the annual parade. Club patriarch, Buster Burt, was in attendance, and was able to ride along the parade route in one of the carts.

2012 Villages Cup R/C Racing

Nov. 14, 2012 was a highly competitive - and equally entertaining - day of racing at our race course on the parking lot at Colony Cottage Recreation Center. There were 20 cars running in two classes, Stock and Modified. We hope you enjoy these pictures. Also Click Here to see fantastic action shots taken by club member Ron Pearce. His album will be displayed in a new window.

Showdown at Citrus County Speedway

Oct. 27 was a wild night at Citrus County Speedway! Our own Jerry "Flash" Conkle and Gary "Cyclone" Seyler lit up the night with an awesome display of driving prowess on the lightning-fast asphalt high banks at CCS, finishing second and third in the Speedway's marquee event... the 15-lap Hornet Division feature.

Our contingent of roughly 35 club members and friends of the drivers witnessed a thrilling race that saw more than the usual amount of passing and bump-and-grind action, with "Cyclone" Seyler executing an awesome set of moves on lap four to take command of the race, holding the lead for three laps before eventual winner Brittany Brown regained the point. "Flash" Conkle played a more conservative hand, holding back in third position while keeping a watchful eye on the two leaders, clearly anticipating an altercation that would give him an opening. After a dramatic series of mid-race laps, though, the pace settled down and "Flash" never got the opportunity he was looking for. At the checkers, it was young Brittany Brown taking the flag by 2.5 seconds over the hard-charging Seyler, with Conkle a respectable 10 seconds back.