Prediction Row

The concept is simple - predict the winner of each NASCAR Cup race. The reality of doing this is quite challenging!

Prediction Row is coordinated by Silky Meegan, working with club members and staff at The Villages Daily Sun. She receives the predictions from each competitor prior to every race. These predictions are sent to the Daily Sun for publication in the Sports section on the day of each NASCAR Cup race. Following every race, Silky tallies the totals and notifies the competitors and the Daily Sun.

The rules have evolved over the years - the number of predictors has varied from as few as five to as many as 12 and the scoring methods have been tweaked. None the less, the competition has always been interesting.

We would be remiss if we didn't thank our friends in The Villages Daily Sun Sports Department for their support and cooperation over the years. We sincerely appreciate the recognition our club receives when our predictions are published on race days.

Since 2008, the Prediction Row competition has been won by the following champions: