Not so long ago when people would think of stock car racing they would associate it with the image of tobacco chewin', beer chuggin', "yeeha" yellin' good ol' boys from the deep South. It's amazing how things have changed over the years. Today, NASCAR is now the #1 spectator sport in America. Races are held from coast-to-coast each season with an average of 190,000 fans in attendance per race and an average of 10 million viewers per race.

The race schedule extends from Texas to Las Vegas to California to New Hampshire to Pennsylvania. In fact, NASCAR's Brickyard 400 has now replaced the Indianapolis 500 as the premier event of the legendary Indianapolis Motor Speedway. NASCAR's fan base has expanded along with the race schedule and now has over 75 million fans in the US. Compared to other sports fans, NASCAR's most passionate fans spend the most time following NASCAR, attend the most races, and buy the most products compared. Look at the logos on cars or clothing in your market.

You'll see the numbers or names of NASCAR teams and drivers on more than just beat up old pick up trucks. NASCAR is the only sports brand that thrills fans and creates a powerful connection through traditional values they admire. The drivers are true sports heroes, and great role models. They are approachable, eager to please and "in it" because they are racers at heart. NASCAR delivers the most thrilling and exciting sports entertainment, involving fans of the sport with people in the sport who live by honorable, down-to-earth values. This involvement leads to a feeling of belonging in the NASCAR family. The fans connect to the drivers and their sponsors.

NASCAR fans are the most loyal of any US sport. Fans demonstrate a 72% loyalty factor to sponsor's brands - virtually doubling that of the NFL (36%), NBA (38%) and MLB (38%). Recent statistics have shown that motorsports fans are affluent, educated, upscale, brand loyal consumers. Three out of four fans testify that they consciously purchase the products and services of businesses involved in motorsports. The key to NASCAR's success is the fan. NASCAR and the sponsors' marketing efforts are all targeted to making the fans feel as though they are the reason for the drivers and races to exist. NASCAR is a family affair, for both the spectators and competitors - not only their families, but the extended family the sport creates between fans and racers.

The key to successfully marketing your team or company is to join a winning family! The NASCAR Family!




Sponsor hunting is no easy task, if it was you wouldn't be looking at this site.

You would be prepping your race car for the next race and counting the money you have from all your sponsors. But in the real world, racing costs big bucks and companies want proven value for there advertising dollar. Companies want to see the dollar for dollar value, the show me don't tell me value! "If you can show me where I will get more customers or more product movement by being a part of your team then I will sponsor your car," said one sponsor I had a few years back. I was able to do just that, and got $20,000 for a late model modified I was running in east Texas in the 90's.

Which is basically how this marking tornado started out. I would show up to events with a pocket full of money, a paid crew and excellent sponsors on anything I raced. How? Because I understand what it is a sponsor is looking for in regard to materials they need to make a decision. As well as, what they expect out for their advertising dollar. So I took this knowledge and decided to help my fellow racers by offering my marketing assistance.

With the success of my marketing business I have helped many teams,tracks and racing series from Karting to NASCAR Cup. I was also a keynote speaker on the subject of sponsor marketing at the Racer's Workshop (7 city tour) with Larry McReynolds. I was an alternate board member for the Modified Stock Car Racing Association (MSRA) Pro 4 Series as well as a driver in this series. So I ask you? What better person to assist you with your marketing help than a fellow racer? One who understands exactly what you need and understands what a sponsor needs.

See you at the races!

Owner - Matt Vaughn Motorsports Marketing

 Matt Vaughn 2017