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Matt Vaughn has been in and around racing for over 35 years.

When racing cars over the years, Matt would show up to the events with substantial sponsors. This success with obtaining sponsorship for his racing led to many teams and drivers picking his brain for advice on how he was able to do this. After obtaining advice from Matt a lot of these teams were then able to use the tools and insight that he had provided to obtain their own success with sponsorship. Through the years the teams and drivers requesting help extended beyond his specific series and into various other series from Southwest Tour in the West to the Pro Cup Series in the East. In 2001 Matt was brought on as Media Marketing and Sponsor Relations for the Mechanix Wear Speed Truck Challenge.

In the fall of 2001, Larry Pryor and Larry McReynold's contacted Matt inviting him to be a keynote speaker on the topic of "Sponsor Marketing And The Tools To Do It Right" for the Racer's Workshop II which was scheduled to be a five city tour. Matt accepted their invitation and went on tour with the workshop. In November 2002, Matt teamed up with Jefferson Motorsports and assisted Jeff Jefferson from the NASCAR Northwest Series with his Winston Cup debut. With the help of Matt Vaughn, Jeff was given an opportunity to qualify the #37 Ford Taurus for the Winston Cup Race in Phoenix. This is just a little bit of Matt's history and experience in the field of motorsports marketing.

As you can see Matt has worked in and around race teams at all levels of motorsports from the local weekly racing teams, tracks and series to NASCAR'S top levels. Working with guys like Eddy McKean in the Southwest Tour, Jeff Jefferson in the Northwest Tour to Geoffrey, Brett and Todd Bodine, Morgan Sheppard and many other super stars in NASCAR. From promoting country, rock and heavy metal singers as sponsors to TV shows. To promoting national company exposure through motorsports marketing sponsorships, Matt has been in the thick of it all.

Not only is Matt well seasoned in the working of the motorsports industry he is as well a trained EMT, Hyperbaric Technologist, Scuba Diver, Certified Dive Medic and has worked for many local ambulance services, hospitals and fire departments over the years and also turned a computer animation hobby into a part time career as a computer digital animation expert in the movie industry. Matt has worked on some major big screen projects as a freelance designer with DNA Studios. Such projects as " The Grinch, Charlie's Angeles, Traffic, Perfect Storm, Project Green Light " and many others Matt has also been an Internet website developer for over a thousand top sites on the internet to date.

Matt is not some savvy college educated marketing genius, hes just a simple guy that loves the sport and has worked hard over the years to be at the top of it. Matt has never took no for an answer, Matt learned how the sports marketing and sponsor side worked and never looked back. "I cant make a person write a check, but I can show them the value of motorsports and why their missing out of they skip on a sponsorship of a team, series, or event."...Smart racers and buisness owners waste no time.... 

Matt Vaughn stoped racing as a driver in 2004 but is still very much active in the motorsports world with many services offered.

If your a driver, team, track or racing series I can assist with your sponsor and marketing needs.








Just A Few Notes from Teams I Have Helped.

Talked with Matt just after a meeting at OSS early this year, asked him some suggestions, called him a few days later he talked with me for about an hour and a half, he gave me some great advice, some ideas of what type of sponsors to go after and suggestions on how to get in the door, the very next day i closed a sponsor to cover tires, fuel and lots of extra's. It worked for me it can for you!

Thanks Matt - Devon Hays - Code 3 Racing - Orange Show Pro4 Team.


Matt has helped my team with products, money, assistance and more, he is great at what he does! In the words of my Wife he dont BS! If he says he can do it, He gets the job done!

Thanks Matt - Rex Lockwood - Primetime Racing Pro4 Team.


Thank You!

Without the faith, trust and commitment of each of these people, McKean Motorsports would not be celebrating a spectacular season. As everyone in Motorsports is aware, you can't get to this point without the help of marketing partners. The company's that have stood by McKean Motorsports are greatly appreciated - Victory Circle Chassis and Parts and H.P.S. Mechanicals, both based in Bakersfield, CA. IronClad based in Los Angeles, CA, Matt Vaughn - Xtreme Motorsports Marketing based in Victorville, CA., Frieghtrain Peter's Motors based in Lake Port, CA Thank You Very Much.

Eddy Mckean #19- McKean Motorsport NASCAR Southwest Tour 2002 Champion.


I have been racing NASCAR Northwest Tour And Winston West Cars For 5 Seasons, I had a chance of a life time come up at the end of last season, To make my first ever Winston Cup start at Phoenix International, I have been a client of Matt Vaughn's for 2 yrs, I called him and he came thru! I have worked with other marketing people in the past, they took my money and gave me nothing, Matt Has worked very hard and has taken me to the top! Dont miss out on his help!

Thanks always - Jeff Jefferson - Jefferson Motorsports NASCAR NEXTEL CUP DRIVER.



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