Phoenix -- And just like that the 2023 Prediction Row competition is over.

Hats off to Brian Dillon who hung in there for the win. Congratulations to all for a contest well played. We'll see you all again next year.

Final Standings

  1. Brian Dillon  2 wins, 394 points
  2. Donna Dillon  2 wins, 363 points
  3. Tim Burk  2 wins, 335 points
  4. Craig Simundza  1 win, 380 points
  5. Chris Dirato  1 win, 368 points
  6. Rick Almeida  1 win, 301 points

Click on the PREDICTION ROW tab at the top of this page so you can keep up with the competition from race to race. Check the notes at the bottom for an explanation of scoring.