My Consulting Assistance includes: Sponsorship recruitment search and assistance, driver and team promotion assistance, driver development assistance, race sponsorship proposals, sponsor hospitality organization and meeting set up, creation of motorsports marketing tools,(i.e., driver and team portfolios, websites outsourced, CD presentations), driver autograph cards, driver media portfolios, team brochures, logo design, team and track marketing, presentation animation development, custom graphics, as well as, team and sponsor merchandising consulting.




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Nearly Anything With Wheels, Rolls or Floats That You Can Race I Can Help With.


I can work your leads or my own for you.

Marketing Consulting.

Comission Based.

Sponsor marketing assistance percent fee's as low as 10%

Marketing packages portfolios as low as $500.00

Team websites. - Custom or your designs outsourced.

Custom driver or team autograph cards as low as $200.00 plus printing outsourced.

Custom track photography outsourced.

Advice is still free :)


Keep It Simple.

How this all works, You call me, we discuss your racing needs and marketing goals, we set a budegt, you provide me the basics to work from ie; A Marketing package or I design one from your images, content, drive bio, stats. - We sign a simple agrement contract that allows me to secure comission on what i bring you. You share with me your marketing contacts and or ideas, or i use mine and I get busy!

Win - Win


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NOTE: All Funds For Services Need To Be Paid To Matt Vaughn. As a home office based internet consulting business, I am not required by State, County or City codes to have or obtain a tax receipt/occupational business license I operate as a sole proprietorship therefore I am not listed in Florida State business registry. I file Schedule C on Federal Tax yearly, As My Consulting Client you are required to submit to me a 1099 at the end of the year. - However I am a legal business entity and have proof of such.

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Joyce Julius is the standard when it comes to media evaluation. Their Sponsors Reports provide a simple, unbiased view of the on-screen exposure which is essential in providing our major sponsors a measurement of their return-on-investment. Proof to your sponsor, just what there return value of being a marketing partner with you and your Motorsports team is.



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