HOMESTEAD – Logano beat Truex to win the race and the 2018 NASCAR Cup Series title.

Ernie Moretti picked the winner and notched his second win.

Congratulations to Chris Bleistein who led the way to the 2018 Prediction Row Championship!

Final Standings

  1. Chris Bleistein  2 wins, 422 points
  2. Hazel Kurrasch  2 wins, 382 points
  3. Ernie Moretti  2 wins, 335 points
  4. Roger Taylor  1 win, 366 points
  5. Shel Larsen  1 win, 344 points
  6. John Emms  0 wins, 334 points

Click on the PREDICTION ROW tab at the top of this page so you can keep up with the competition from race to race. And check the notes at the bottom for an explanation of scoring.