SONOMA – Let's turn left AND right. Double-file restarts have helped add excitement to this race.

Our top three predictors have each picked a different driver, so there will be a change in the standings. Harvick is the predominant choice among our fearless prognosticators.

Sonoma Predictions

  • Ernie Moretti  1 win, 75 points  Kurt Busch: I put seven drivers in a hat. He is my pick for Sunday's race. Anyone can win.
  • Roger Taylor  1 win, 75 points  Kevin Harvick: I believe he will try a little harder to win in his home state.
  • Hazel Kurrasch  0 wins, 103 points  Kyle Busch: It's hard to pass there so the driver that starts in the front will finish first. He has road course experience and has won here before.
  • Jerry Conkle  0 wins, 92 points  Kevin Harvick: He has to turn left and right. He will leave them out of sight. He has won here before. He'll do it again in the Number 4.
  • Jim Pappas  0 wins, 61 points  Kevin Harvick: He's one of the top dogs this year. Look for the California kid to bring his Ford in first.
  • George Meidhof  0 wins, 26 points  Kevin Harvick: He is the only one of the "Big 3" who has shown any prowess on a road course.

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