The Villages Motor Racing Fan Club Scholarship Program

In mid-2009, our club took a significant step forward with the implementation of a scholarship program designed to support individuals pursuing higher education in academic fields related to the world of motorsports. After careful consideration and extensive research, the club's Pit Crew developed eligibility criteria and application procedures for the program, and officially launched it in July of 2009.

Each year, scholarship applications are collected up until March 31, and a committee appointed by the Pit Crew evaluates the applications and supporting material and announces its decision by the end of April. The winner is notified immediately, and invited to a club meeting to accept the award.

Click Here to download a copy of the program's official description and an application form.

Since 2009 our club has made the following scholarship awards:


Our club broke new ground by awarding the 2017 $500 Book/Tuition Scholarship to Jack Angiolo, grandson of club members John and Carol Angiolo.

Jack lives in New Berlin, WI and graduated cum laude from New Berlin Eisenhower High School. He has been accepted into the engineering curriculum at the University of Wisconsin - Platteville and plans to build toward a career in mechanical, civil or environmental engineering.

Grandpa John sparked Jack's interest in cars and racing. Jack was also taught the basics of taking care of cars. It was this passion for working hands-on with cars that fueled the desire to pursue engineering.

The proud grandparents had the pleasure of presenting the award certificate to Jack on the day of his graduation.

The scholarship is awarded to a high school senior from the tri-county area (Lake, Sumter and Marion Counties) or to a high school senior related to a member of The Villages Motor Racing Fan Club.