Glen Carter Crew Chief Award

This award is a special commemorative item that serves two purposes.

First, by virtue of its name, the award serves as perpetual recognition for Glen Carter, our club's founder and its first President/Crew Chief.

Second, it allows for the recognition of club members who have exhibited outstanding efforts on behalf of the club.

The Crew Chief Award is presented at the club's annual Hall of Fame Induction and Awards Ceremony. Shown here is the first award which was presented to Gerry Hafer.

Since 2008, the Glen Carter Crew Chief Award has been presented to the following recipients:


2016 Crew Chief Award - Jerry Conkle

Past President Jerry Conkle is a veteran member of our Pit Crew and has actively participated in so many of our events. In fact, his leadership was demonstrated during his time as our Crew Chief from 2013-2016. The hard-working Conkle remains on our Pit Crew.

In presenting the award, Glen recalled Jerry’s knowledge of Indy 500 history that he shared with us a few years ago. Carter also noted his entertaining "standup comedy" that he brought to our meetings during his tenure as Crew Chief.






2015 Crew Chief Award - Bob and Camille Sherman

Membership Coordinators, Bob and Camille Sherman, have been valuable, long-standing members of our Pit Crew and they have worked hard to manage our membership records, collect our dues and ensure that our guest speakers are properly recognized. They are an example of those "behind the scenes" people who we rely on constantly to make us look good.

In presenting the award, Glen stated that "we're honoring a pair of dedicated members who have quietly and competently taken care of so many of the details that make our events run smoothly."





2014 Crew Chief Award - Mike Anderson

Webmaster Mike Anderson has made substantial contributions to the club's continued success, most notably his development and operation of our critically acclaimed website. Mike also coordinates the sending of emails to members from all of the club officers.

In presenting the award, Glen acknowledged Mike's consistent behind-the-scenes support at meetings, as well as his willingness and ability to stand in to virtually any spot as needed.

"This award recognizes individuals who have stepped to the plate for us and who have used their talents to help The Villages Motor Racing Fan Club become a truly well-respected organization in the Florida racing community," Carter commented, "and that describes Mike Anderson to a tee."


2013 Crew Chief Award - Tom Horrmann

Treasurer and Official Photographer Tom Horrmann is one of the solid "behind-the-scenes" people that we have relied on through the years to get things done. He's always there, always willing to pitch in and do what needs to be done, and on top of that, does a steady job of keeping our finances in order.

Many of our newer members know him as the guy who "harasses" them to get their picture taken for their moment of fame in our newsletter.




2012 Crew Chief Award - Silky Meegan

Corresponding Secretary Silky Meegan is consistently working toward serving the best interests of our group in a way that has helped us establish ourselves as one of the premier clubs in The Villages.

Silky can be called a "quiet organizer," "a go-to person for results," or "a person who just gets things done." From assuming responsibility for issuing thank you letters to our speakers, to crafting our monthly Recreation News announcements, to diligently managing the Prediction Row coordination, she is one of those people we just naturally turn to when we need help ... and she's always ready to come through cheerfully!


2011 Crew Chief Award - Mike Touchette

In describing Vice President Mike Touchette's contributions to the club, Glen characterized him as "someone who is consistently working behind the scenes to make sure our meetings and on-site events maintain the air of professionalism that has become our hallmark as a club."

In addition to extolling Mike's skills in the logistical arena, Glen pointed out his "ability to step in and run meetings when our president is off somewhere on one of his frequent trips, and he's also seen at the right hand of our Special Events Coordinator making sure that trips and activities go as planned, or if they don't go as planned, to be sure that we have workarounds that make problems go unnoticed by most of us."


2010 Crew Chief Award - Wayne Nolan

One of the major features of our club is the simple fact that members have a unified identity. This identity is not only as a bunch of motorsports fans, but more importantly we're the "folks in the yellow shirts!" That's our brand when we go to a race, and many times we've heard from drivers, promoters, sports writers and other race fans that, "Hey, we saw you guys in the yellow shirts!"

But it didn't just happen that we all just accidentally decided to wear yellow. It happened through the on-going behind-the-scenes coordination of our club apparel program, and through the quiet dedication of Crew Uniform Manager Wayne Nolan.

Wayne is always on the look-out for items that continue to promote our identity, and he tirelessly maintains the inventory, processes orders and ensures that everyone can get what they need. He even finds time to serve us as "Mr. Golf," arranging and administering the golf tournaments that many of us look forward to each year. Beyond all that, for the past few years he's even served with his wife Barbara as one of the organizers of our annual Hall of Fame events.

In presenting the award to Wayne, Glen commented, "I really don't think you can find a better team player and contributor to the cause than Wayne Nolan."


 2009 Crew Chief  Award - Wendy Touchette

When presenting the award to Special Events Coordinator Wendy Touchette, Glen said, "It's been quite an experience to watch someone with these organizational skills take command of details in a way that allowed us to look so good as a club.

"Organized is just one of the words that describe her approach to things ... others are unflappable, especially when things don't go as we planned; thorough, making sure all the little stuff comes together; understanding, when some of us fumble the ball on the assignments she gives us.

"We've accomplished so much during three short years, and I think all of you would agree with me that without her, our trips and events would have been sort of chaotic."


2008 Crew Chief Award - Gerry Hafer

2007 Hall of Fame Inductee and Executive Editorial Manager of The Villages Daily Sun Larry Croom presented the first Glen Carter Crew Chief Award to Gerry Hafer, club Vice President and Media Relations Representative.

In presenting the award, Croom cited the club's outstanding monthly newsletter, calling it "one of the best I've ever seen." Croom was asked to make the presentation because of his extensive, 12-year background in reporting on racing-related activities.

In accepting the award, Hafer cited the spirit of the club's members and the fact that their cooperation and participation provides a wealth of material for a newsletter.