Board Members (Pit Crew)

As all racing fans know, it takes a full complement of dedicated folks to make a race team successful. We've been fortunate that our club has been able to assemble a crew that is serious about making this organization a wild success.

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Tony Kennea Crew Chief/President
Tina Ivey Car Chief/Vice President
Silky Meegan Jack Person/Corresponding Secretary
Gerry Greim Crew Coach/Recording Secretary
Darren Ivey Front Tire Carrier/Special Events Coordinator
Roger Taylor Fueler/Treasurer
Barb Pappas Mechanic/Membership Coordinator
Renetta Thompson Mechanic/Graphics Designer and Hospitality Coordinator
Wayne Nolan Crew Uniform Manager
Mike Anderson Fabricator/Social Media Coordinator
Janine Woodsford Front Tire Changer/Newsletter Editor
John Angiolo Rear Tire Carrier/Crew Member at Large
Mike Touchette Transporter Driver/Crew Member at Large
Jerry Conkle Team Owner/Immediate Past President
Gerry Hafer Team Owner/Past President
Glen Carter Team Owner/Past President