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The Villages Motor Racing Fan Club is open to all Villages residents. It is a club dedicated to providing a forum to share common interests in all forms of motor racing. Many of us are NASCAR fans, but we are equally interested in the local racing venues so prevalent here in Florida.

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We meet at Colony Cottage Recreation Center the first Wednesday of each month, starting at 7 p.m. We welcome you to attend and join our club.

For full details on club meetings and how to join, check the The Villages Recreation News in Thursday's edition of The Villages Daily Sun, or contact Club President Tony Kennea, 352-603-9197.

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Club Mission and Vision

Club Mission and Vision

Our Mission
The Villages Motor Racing Fan Club has, since its formation in 2006, sought to bring like-minded residents of The Villages, Fla. together to share thoughts, experiences, and interests in all forms of motor racing. Our monthly meetings hold to this mission, introducing our members to representatives of the world of motorsports, from stock car drivers and mechanics, to race track promoters, to sports car enthusiasts, to drag racing veterans, to go kart racers, and even to airplane racers! Although many of us are NASCAR fans, we have adopted a position of strongly supporting the roots of motorsports in America – the local short tracks and the wide variety of racers who participate in racing at its grassroots level.

This latter segment of our mission – local racing – is fed by the availability of many excellent racing venues within a relatively short commute from The Villages. Through our marketing outreach efforts, we have been able to bring promoters to our club meetings to provide background information on their operations, including representatives from Ocala Speedway, Columbia Motorsports Park, Orlando Speedworld, Sebring International Raceway, Auburndale Speedway, New Smyrna Speedway, Citrus County Speedway, Original Speedway Park (Fruitland Park), Volusia Speedway Park and Bushnell Motorsports Park. Our club has conducted carpool and motorcoach trips to most of these venues, and has presented an awesome display of racing solidarity through the stunning array of yellow club shirts and bright red hats. Comments from many quarters of the racing world have verified that everyone knows when The Villages Motor Racing Fan Club is at the track.

Another aspect of our club's mission is to bring our members close to the action. We accomplish this through sponsorship deals in which we negotiate reduced admission prices to local events, and in turn contribute the difference in the form of a subsidy to race teams with whom we have established a relationship. Through this approach, we are able to meet drivers, mechanics and car owners, get to know their strategies, and basically become a virtual part of their on-track race team. During its history, our club has provided over $13,000 in funding to local Florida racers, racing programs, and future stars, and has made a strong contribution to the preservation of local racing.

And it doesn't stop there – we also consider the promotion of charitable organizations to be part of our mission. We support several charities through major fund-raising efforts, and our club has provided well over $7,000 to organizations we support (e.g. Victory Junction Gang Camp, Operation Shoebox, Help Them Call Home, Camp Boggy Creek and others), and local disaster relief following the tornadoes that struck our community in 2007.

Our Vision
Although our club has grown substantially since the original group of 60 interested people who came to our August 2006 exploratory meeting – we now number well over 150 active members – we believe that our growth from this point forward will be more modest. We have settled into where we have a solid, involved membership of dedicated racing fans with a shared interest in motorsports of all forms. We expect to see this foundation remain in place for years to come.

For the future, we visualize our continued promotion of local racing, and we believe that we play a major role in helping local tracks and local race teams maintain their grassroots racing programs. Our club is continuing to gain exposure both locally and outside of Florida, including contacts with race teams and key figures in NASCAR, TBARA and other racing leagues. For example, our newsletter is distributed to over 200 individuals outside of the club, including current NASCAR drivers, NASCAR champions, and several legends of the racing world. Feedback we have received has confirmed that there is a growing awareness of our club and its role in the world of motorsports. For example, at our monthly meetings, we have had the honor of hosting many of racing's biggest names, including two of "NASCAR's 50 Greatest Drivers," the "Godmother of the NHRA" and four members of the famed Reutimann family, all of whom have become friends of our group and who have shared their lives and their motorsports accomplishments with us.

While our vision includes our support of local racing, we will continue to bring our members exposure to whatever form of motorsports they desire. Toward this end, we routinely poll our members for suggestions, and give all of them serious consideration. As our membership evolves, we see the scope of our activities and programs similarly evolving in the years ahead.

Club Logo

Club Logo

Over the years we have had the privilege of meeting many great racers. We have enjoyed their presentations at our meetings, and we have cheered for them as they competed at tracks throughout Florida.

From time to time, we have presented these racers with our club logo and they have proudly displayed them on their machines. We have often attended races "en masse" to support our favorite drivers and teams.

Click Here to view a Photo Gallery containing pictures of cars and drivers sporting our logo.

Below is a list of the racers who have competed with our club logo on their equipment. All forms of racing are represented on this list - Go-Karts, Street Stocks, Legends, Super Late Models, Sprints, Dragsters and Sports Cars - just to name a few.

   1. Jeff Choquette    2. Wayne Anderson    3. Matt Bowers
   4. Buzzie Reutimann    5. Steve Griffin    6. Nic Fernandez
   7. Harold Bedell    8. Dick Anderson    9. Jessica Murphy
 10. Cale Gale  11. Jeff Scofield  12. BJ McLeod
 13. Daniel Miller  14. Wyatt Harrar  15. David Reutimann
 16. Eric Jones  17. Aiden Turman  18. Amanda Ferguson
 19. Randy Anderson  20. TJ Duke  21. Josh Todd
 22. Dalton Zehr  23. Devin McLeod  24. Richie Smith
 25. Jake Perkins  26. Dora Thorne  27. Sam Patrick
 28. Shane Butler  29. Stan Butler  30. Herb Neumann Jr.
 31. Skip Bryan  32. Mike Brewer  33. Kenny Brewer
 34. Brandon Thomson  35. Troy Thompson  36. David Rogers
 37. Corey LaJoie  38. Tim Ducat  39. Robert Ballou
 40. Ricky Moxley    

Villages Cup

Villages Cup

The Villages Cup was launched in 2010 as an event created to give club members the opportunity to experience (or re-experience, in some cases) the thrill of being on the track. Through a relationship developed between the club and nearby Original Speedway Park, our closest racing venue, we were able to borrow a fleet of adult-sized go-karts and the required safety equipment need to actually hold an on-track competitive event. The Villages Cup concept started out as an idea to "try something different" and quickly blossomed into a major event for the group.

Scheduling of race day was not as simple as merely picking a day. Due to the Speedway's racing schedule, we needed to select a Sunday after a regular Saturday racing program so that the track would be conditioned for use (or in motorsports lingo, "rubbered up"). The inaugural Villages Cup was originally scheduled for March 21, 2010, but rainy weather forced postponement of the event until the following month (April 18). By the time that date rolled around, emotions had built to a fever pitch and 32 club members had steeled themselves for what would be a grueling day of competition on the 1/10th mile gumbo clay oval track. Click Here to download a story about the 2010 Villages Cup.

The inaugural Villages Cup event was a tremendous success for the club, and planning for a second edition was initiated almost immediately. March 20, 2011 was selected as the date, and a field of 24 drivers geared up for another challenging day at the track. The weather was hot, but not nearly as blistering hot as the action on the track! As was the case at the 2010 event, the stands were packed with Villages residents sporting banners and signs in support of their favorite drivers. When the dust cleared, we had crowned our second Villages Cup champion and logged yet another wildly successful club event in the books. Click Here to download a story about the 2011 Villages Cup.

Beginning in 2012, the Villages Cup competition became something different. The radio-controlled car racing program initiated by our club in late 2011 had grown into a tremendous success, so much so that a decision was made to reconfigure the Villages Cup format to feature these racing machines as an alternative to go-karts. This format continues today through The Villages R/C Car Racing Club.